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Even though Aure is a fairly small place on the coast in middle parts of Norway, there are several reasons to visit, especially in the summer. Every year there are several cultural gatherings, but if you prefer a more relaxed stay there is also great opportunities for experiencing some of the best of what the Norwegian nature has to offer. Ranging from high and steep mountains, green fields, wild forests and a beautiful archipelago.

Aure's coastline is almost 300 kilometres long. Unique possibilities for angling from the shore and from the many bridges and sounds. Fishing from boats for herring, mackerel, saithe, cod and pollock. Great hunting for red deer in the large forest and mountain areas. Excellent fishing for freshwater trout and sea trout.

The scenery on Tustna is dominated by the coastal mountains. These over 900-metre-tall mountains, which rise straight up from the shore, form a chain in a north-south direction. Great walking, with several paths ascending to the summits, which offer fantastic views of the ocean and the fjords

Every summer in July "the week of Aure" is arranged. During the week there is a range of different activities to participate in, starting the first weekend with the "Village cup" which is a football cup where the different parts in the municipality form teams and compete against eachother. The cup is followed by separate days designated to different places around in Aure like e.g. the "Vihals-day" at Vihals or "Bakkseter-day" at the mountain farm called Bakksetra. These days usually consists of musical entertainment, markeds, servings of food and competitions in fishing and the quite unusual "Cow bingo".  The week of Aure then finishes on saturday with the "Sea festival" at Eidestranda.

After the week of Aure the next big event is the "week of elite sports" by Norway Events, where top ski and rollerski-athletes from several nations come to use aure as a training camp. During their stay there is also different competitions to entertain the public, sprint and long distance on rollerski and also offroad bicycle competition are usual parts of the week. For the kids there is also a "Summer ski camp" where they get to have some of the top athletes as coaches and advisors. This has led to that the rollerski world cup of 2011 is going to be held in Aure.

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